Passed Clearance for DHS, new background investigation at DOJ

Hi everyone!

I’m back here because everyone was a big help during my USCIS secret security clearance investigation. I’m now in a bit of a predicament where the hiring freeze there finally lifted, and so have been given an EOD this August, but I have since been given an offer at the department of justice at a higher pay level.

The new job at DoJ only does a preliminary background investigation before getting onboarded, but will do a secret or top secret clearance if needed down the road. On my previous EQIP, I admitted to having done mushrooms on one occasion in 2015, and having smoked marijuana in October of 2017.

I’m not sure whether to take the job at USCIS, or wait out the results of a new background investigation with a department that I’ve heard is much stricter and may require a TS in the future. The USCIS job is a contract position for a year and can be renewed. I’m worried if I decline the USCIS offer, I could end up empty handed. Thoughts?