Can I run a DOD and DHS clearance simultaneously

I have received a job offer with CBP and have begun the SF86 process. In the meantime, I have received a job offer with the DOD and also need a secret clearance. Since these are separate agencies, do they each run a clearance? Can one agency use the other investigation? I prefer the DOD position because it is in a more desirable location for my family. Appreciate any help

It depends on the level or tier of the investigation of each position, but only one investigation will be conducted for you by OPM. The higher tier investigation usually takes precedence over the lower one. Where there will be separation would be the adjudication process as each agency adjudicates their own investigations. From what I’ve heard, DHS tends to be a little faster than DOD when it comes to adjudicating.

CBP does their own Top Secret clearance process. I’m pretty sure you’ll be fine with an ongoing DOD clearance, i don’ think they will interfere with each other.

You’ll have two separate open investigations because as @lmikelowrey points out, they do their own investigations.

I can definitely tell you that you can exist on two shelves simultaneously. Meaning multiple agencies can sponsor your clearance at differing levels. We have a lot of multiple contract people working on our site. Of course this is after at least one successful investigation, and then several others crossing you over, not your question. I was under the impression if the same agency, meaning OPM, or DoD, etc is investigating your background…starting a new one when one is running…can cause issues, particularly legacy agencies still using your SSAN to track you in their system. Many give a new employee number to track now. But it is amazing how many people have the same first, middle initial and last name and very similar SSAn’s, easy to get a system confused.