Question about multiple investigations

Hello. I found different answers about this but I would appreciate for any recent experience: I received a tentative offer from DoA (including the e-QIP link-Secret clearance) and I’m expecting another one from DoAF (no e-QIP yet, boarding process takes more time for some reason-also Secret clearance). My priority is the DoAF position but I have a firm deadline to complete my SF-86 for the DoA offer and since nothing is certain at this point I prefer not to reject the latter offer (for now). I know that only 1 investigation can be completed at the same time. Since both agencies are under the umbrella of DoD, what you advise me to do: a) To submit the DoA SF-86 now and notify the FSO of the DoAF position later (when I receive his e-QIP email) to find my investigation information in his system (I assume it will show up) OR b) To reject the DoA offer and not submit any investigation information until I receive the e-QIP info from the DoAF? What really matters to me is to avoid any delays and confusion in the clearance process. But at the same time I think it’s risky to reject a not too bad offer now with the hope of a better one later, due to the possibility that there might be overlapping clearance investigations. Do you think there is a problem if I submit the SF-86 now (including fingerprints), or better reject the DoA offer and wait? Thank you.

There will only be one investigation once the duplicate investigation is discovered. One investigation would cover both agencies.

Thank you so much! So, to make sure that I won’t make mistakes, since both positions require the same level of clearance (secret) and they are both under DoD, you think it would be better to go ahead and complete my e-QIP now and when the better offer comes up just provide to the FSO the investigation information and he/she will be able to transfer it to the other agency without issues, correct? I would prefer that option since I won’t have to reject any offer at this point and this will expedite the boarding time when the better offer comes. I really appreciate your help.

yes, if you choose to move - let the new security manager/HR/supervisor know you already submitted a a Tier 3. Advice. print copy of your completed security form … just in case.

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Will do. Thanks a lot!

Computers were a big help as opposed to filing cabinets and actual folders huh?

yepper - and yet many people don’t save their information.

As @backgdinvestigator said, the DoA SF-86 would cover both agencies.

It probably couldn’t hurt to let your FSO at DoAF to let them know that you’ve already submitted the SF-86 (once you have, that is).