Public Trust SF86 - Multiple Offers - Confusion

Good morning,

I am a little confused about multiple offers because they made the investigator confused.

1st Offer - On Sept 6th, I received a tentative offer from Homeland Security - USCIS as an Immigration Officer. I submitted my e-QIP on Sept 18th, and couple days later I did my drug test and submitted my fingerprint cards.
2nd Offer - On Oct 29th, I received another tentative offer form the same agency in a different location with a lower cost of living. I accepted the second offer and declined the first offer. In the midst of everything the investigator requested a Letter Of Intent and with no problem I replied to his request (I am in the car business and worked in several dealerships)
3rd Offer -On Nov 8th, I received another TO from the same agency with a much higher GS pay in a great location. I accepted that TO and declined my second offer.

The investigator contacted me asking why I had three offers and that he could find only the first two open cases and not the 3rd offer. I send the TO offer email to him and tried to contact the HR Specialist with no success.

Also, a couple of days later tried to contact the Investigator and the HR specialist and nothing for some clarification and I received no response.

Can anyone please shed light on my situation?
Also, I it ok to be taking different offers during the PT background? (better offers)

Thank you in advance,


If I understand you, all three offers are from the same agency? Are they for the same clearance/investigation level? The agency should be coordinating with the investigative group on what is required. I don’t think that is your job.

Once you get cleared, they can start you in whatever position they have available for you at the time.

Yes, all three offers are from USCIS, and they require the same level of clearance.

I fell that the HR person for the 3rd offer is not as sharp as the others were.

Then, as near as I can see, you only have ONE investigation requested. USCIS shouldn’t be creating new investigations. The investigator doesn’t need to know which job you are going after and shouldn’t care. The same goes for the adjudicator.

It sounds like this is an issue for the FSO, any of them, and the investigator to work out.

You can accept and decline offers all day long. I certainly understand if you were offered a GS-9 in DC, followed by a GS-11 in say…West Va, followed by a GS-13 in a location even better (cost of living etc). Why enter as a 9 if you can enter as a 13? They are growing as an agency right now and the left and right hand are not always talking. As long as you are moving forward in the clearance process, you should be okay. However, the third HR person not being quite up to par would concern me. Not from a clearance perspective, but since they offered the highest pay you want a complete offer fast so they are not talked out of giving it to you. If they think you are a go for the other 2…they might pull back the third.

The investigator probably sent the information up the chain for clarification. The investigator doesn’t/shouldn’t really care which job you accept - as long as you are in the same agency and the background investigation type is the same.

Why did you mention the different job offers unless you are already working at these locations?

The investigator saw more than one open cases

The investigation should, and probably did, report the multiple cases up the chain so the Agency can decide which case type will be going forward.