PBS Frontline tonight - Discord leaks

Should be of interest to many here. Investigation into the classified leaks on Discord by Jack Teixeira.

Pretty sure the vetting program gets some heat in this as well.

There was an article in the Washington Post a few days ago; from the reporting T was caught several times viewing information in the office that he had no reason to view. One supervisor saw him taking notes while viewing classified docs. The system failed numerous times; from the fact that he displayed violent/racist/homophobic tendencies through high school, to outright “insider threat” behavior at work that was observed but not disciplined.

Guess that annual training will be pumped up now.

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Heard something about various officers in the chain of command getting reprimands for not following procedures… but I wonder how strictly some of those “procedures” have been followed in the past.

Also wonder what kind of new measures will be put in place to restrict access. But even with a verified “need to know” we can still expect some leakers.

I read something that said the unit encouraged junior members to view and research information in an effort to build their knowledge and allow them to understand more why this information needed to be classified. That makes a lot of sense, when you are dealing with intelligent young members of a unit who want to grow in their career, promote and contribute. It’s just so hard for anyone to predict the behaviors of an unpredictable immature and still growing 17 year old, and I think everyone tends to give young people the benefit the doubt and assume innocence until proven guilty.