People’s Republic of China Contacts Sink Security Clearance Application

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It seems everyday you hear about technology, trade secrets or proprietary theft by foreign agents acting on behalf of China and it is well known their aggressive cyber-espionage threat, not only to the United States, but the entire world is high. The U.S. State Department has established a “One China” foreign policy lumping Hong Kong…

Honestly this does not surprise me at all. When I tell people how something is going to appear on their clearance others want to argue and get up set but what they don’t seem to understand is “whole person” does NOT by any means mean that everything is okay and anything goes. There are several scenarios that will automatically disqualify you and certain things that have a very lengthy disqualification period. But it’s fine if people don’t want to listen. They can go on living how ever and trusting that “whole person” will keep them qualified right up until the time they lose their clearance over something stupid.

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