Marrying A Chinese National

I am dating a chinese national that has a granted green card from claiming asylum. She has two kids ( her only kids) that live with her. She came here legally and has no political ties to the chinese government. All of her money is in the United States. BUT her parents live in China, so would that be enough foreign influence for me to be denied a security clearance? If her parents were able to get some status in the united states would that help at all? I would like to marry her but not at the cost of not having work

Foreign connections do not automatically trigger a denial- it triggers a subject interview.

Be prepared to provide all information about the foreign nationals involved. You will need to report:

US documentation (green card info, naturalization info)
Foreign gov interaction
Other foreign national interaction

This reporting isn’t limited to the women, her kids, her parents but may need to include her siblings other family members and friends who are foreign nationals or dual citizens - especially if these individuals interact with you.

If you are providing financial support for her or sponsoring her you will need to report that as well.

The path you are following to form a blended family with foreign connections isn’t necessarily a clearance ending situation- but requires transparency and lots of detailed info.


What is the general goal during a subject review? Thank you so much for you time.

To review submitted documentation for updates and error correction; to obtain the back story on any/all issues for suitably; to resolve developments; and make sure there is nothing that can lead the subject to blackmail or questionable influence.

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