Chinese national Spouse and in laws

So my wife is a Chinese national who holds a Permanent Resident Card (AKA Green Card) in the US.

Her parents live in China, and her father works for the public affairs department in a mall city government.

Is this going to be held against me when I go through my security clearance?

Please advise, thank you!

Nothing is held against you in the clearance process. The guidelines identify potential concerns in different categories along with mitigating factors. Foreign influence with close family members is a concern, so they would have to look at what the circumstances are and if mitigation can be applied. Go to the appropriate section in the Adjudicative Desk Reference and start boning up on what information you may be asked for.

Depends on many factors… is this for a direct-hire government position? If so, is it for an IC agency? If not, does the position require secret or something higher? If it is for a contractor job, will you require access to government facilities and networks?

All that having been said, and considering what @Marko said, I think that in many of the cases I listed above this situation will raise many concerns, and it will definitely not be a quick process.

Thank you for your response, I will keep that in mind.
Meanwhile, I am ultimately aiming for IC positions or DOD. Let me know if u have any further advice. Thank you