Will my foreign family be interviewed/investigated for my betrothed's clearance?

Hey guys, this is a question about how much foreign influence affects security clearance. Here is my case:


I am gay, and my husband-to-be is applying a job that requires Secret-level clearance. I am pursuing a PhD in engineering in the US. But the problem is that I am a Chinese citizen, and my family do not know that I am gay yet. My boyfriend and I got engaged before he applied his job… I know it’s complicated…All my family connections are Chinese (except an uncle-in-law, who is a naturalized US citizen), but none of their jobs are related to any intelligent agencies or high-level governments of PRC. My question is:


  1. Should my background be a deal-breaker to the security clearance of my husband-to-be?

  2. I am still planning to provide as much information of my family as I can to help to obtain his security clearance. I am worried that my famil.y will be contacted, interviewed and told that I am gay, so will this happen?


Thanks — so much — to whoever can give any answer/suggestion

Investigators will not tell anyone they interview what they know about other parties involved in the investigation, so the fact that you are gay should not be an issue. The issue is the fact that you (and in turn your partner) could be influenced if someone should want to use it over you because you are not open about it. Additionally, with the current scrutiny and strained relations with China, all co-habitants, spouses, and relatives of a security clearance applicant who are Chinese citizens will be considered a serious issue and may be difficult to overcome.