Foreign Family Member is a red flag?

I got COE last month and submitted SF86 at the end of last month, and I am a naturalized U.S. citizen.

However, I read lots of posts that said foreign parents (still in China, but in the green card process) would be a red flag for the process, and it is highly possible to deny TS. Is that so? Anyone has a similar situation?

Not necessarily. Income, property ownership, loyalty ties to China are a concern. Having foreign family is not.

Thanks for the reply. Will update see how it goes.

Me too, nationalized US citizen with family in China.

I got the clearance tho, so i don’t think it will affect the result

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Thanks for the good news! May I know your timeline? Is it going to be very long since my parents (mainly my mother) are in China?

Mine took around 8 months

Thanks for sharing! Now I know what to expect :joy: