Current Clearance holder. Can marrying foreigner be grounds for loss of clearance?

So I am a male born and raised U.S. citizen but my parents are kinda pressuring me to get married. My parents are naturalized U.S. Citizens.
Obviously, the potential woman I marry would be a non-U.S. citizen. This is all hypothetical and my parents can’t do anything unless I greenlight them to search. So there is no actual woman waiting in the wings.
Would I lose my clearance?
How would the process work?
The country the potential woman is from is highly populated known for spices and borders another populated country known for everything cheap made there.

If you are already in a relationship that information should have been reported.

If not, and you are aware of your security responsibilities, starting a relationship with a foreign person is not the best of scenarios.

If your parents are pressuring you to obtain a foreign spouse you may be looked at as being susceptible to foreign influence.

Relationships are tricky. You probably should become familiar with your security clearance responsibility and maybe stand your ground with your parents before getting involved with a foreign national. Or choose the relationship and take a chance??

Maybe this would help:


I am not in any relationship. And pressure may have been an overstatement and as I stated, they are both U.S. citizens. I was just trying to figure out what the process would be,

I wish this would be easy and I could just marry an American citizen but it is difficult as the only ones available where i live are fat, hairy, pink/green-haired or facial tattoos, or if attractive/young, they smoke and do drugs and they would prefer the same type of man or a man with a criminal record.

I actually love my job and the people I work with. So for me, the USA comes first.

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I know where you’re referring to, something to consider is that you’ll have a more complex foreign contacts problem and as the poster above noted. You will have some ties to foreign assets that you wouldn’t have before and naturally you will be questioned extensively about a spouse and her relatives you might not know well.

I’m not going to ask you your level of clearance or your employer but if you’re TS/SCI or in Defense you’re going to have to answer a lot of questions. Keep in mind that most people don’t understand the idea of an arranged marriage and if you’re coerced into marrying a foreign national it does raise some potentially valid questions about your ability to hold a clearance for the US Gov w/o interference and outside pressure. Even as someone who has seen this situation second hand I get a strong feeling that BI’s and adjudicators will freak out at this (again no actual data and ppl I’ve seen this with aren’t clearance holders or potential holders). As you probably know, being a naturalized clearance holder or one with ties to said country is complex enough.

Try to see if you can work something out where the potential woman is a US citizen but of the same cultural background. If not, the private sector may be a better option. I know this was long but let me know if it helps.

I am not being forced at gunpoint, and certainly would refuse if that were the case. I was trying to figure out the process if any.

I am being told since i am in my late 30s(although i look like i am in my 20s based on what i been told), that my life is pretty much over unless i get married. This was also told by a co-worker as well at one time, so it got me rattled a bit.

Cultural background if you mean race makes no difference. If a woman is raised in the USA and attractive, they are 9.9/10 going to be on some sort of drugs or medications. Finding that 0.1 is difficult.
Every movie proves it. I am not even religious, I watch American sports, tv shows, movies, and eat all types of food.

The city I am in is tourist/transient and not known really for quality of women and even if they were not druggies, they still would not like a guy working in my line of work as it is considered “not cool”. I am not even into any online dating or apps cause of potential compromise.

I tend to be keep to myself and not look for trouble. Literally my average day is work and home with the gym thrown in there a few days a week and some occasional excursions on the weekend.

Everything revolves around my job and that is why I don’t want to be in the private sector. I actually love my job but I am in a rock and a hard place.

“If a woman is raised in the USA, they are 9.9/10 going to be on some sort of drugs or medications.”

Um, you sound like a catch!


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I feel for you. I do think that your issue is much more complicated than maintaining your clearance. Is marriage something you’re genuinely interested in? This really is a life decision, so I do believe that you should take some time and reflect on this. You can have a fulfilling life without marriage contrary to what society believes.

Similarly, it might be wise to take a few steps back and acknowledge that not all women from America are “druggies.” This is not to offend as I value your perspective, but is it a rational one?

I’ve been in a similar position in my life in the past. Clearance issues aside, understand that this is a life-changing decision. Arranged marriage, although an easier solution than traditional dating, may not make you happy. Again, take a few days and think about what you want out of life. Your personal happiness above all else, should be prioritized.

Stick w adherence to clearance standards, and a healthy lifestyle, and make measured decisions regarding personal matters, I’m not sure of how much help this forum will be to that end. The overwhelming majority of people (obviously including women) in America are good people. Hope it all works out!

wow kinda rude about what you said about the women here American women are well not all as you mentioned Where are you from are they all models there and saints perfect etc …

No i graduated undergrad long ago. lol.

Ethnic background makes no difference. If you read earlier, I do lots of American activities and follow American sports so I feel very American on that regard. I will probably do some reflection as I feel my job is more important than anything.

I am going through the same situation quite literally!
As mentioned above in a few replies, it is essential to take a few days and think it through. It is surely possible to find someone who is a US Citizen and meet your interests as well. It is a tough decision, but to avoid issue with the BGI, it will be better and easier to do that.

I’m reading and cannot believe what I’m reading… man, not sure how to better word this , but you have very unfortunate view of American women. EVERY country has representatives of population with addiction problems and it’s not limited to certain gender for sure! Get real!