Personnel Vetting Questionnaire (Upcoming SF-86 Replacement)

Posting this here because I spent like half an hour looking for it and Lindy Kyzer’s articles are missing the link to the actual draft documents…

Lindy’s article:

Some things I’m noting:

The look back period for several items has gone from 7 years or forever (such as the mental health questions) to 5 years.

Address is only looking back 5 years too.

They indeed de-gendered the form and removed the selective service questions.

The marijuana questions are interesting.


Another link in case you missed it: Defense Industry Chimes in on New Personnel Vetting Questionnaire | ClearanceJobs Blog

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At least one IC agency has gone to an annual requirement to fill out a form that looks a lot like the SF-86C. For those not familiar with it, the SF-86C is used to update a recent SF-86 with about 15 questions that you should be able to answer “no” (with the exception of relatively benign things like a change of address).

Is there any insight into when this might go live? I’m assuming after public/agency comment, it will still be a long road?