What’s On the New SF86?

Our Senior Editor @lindy.kyzer takes a look at the changes the Defense Security Service made to the SF86 on July 30th. The form will look largely the same, but there are a few significant changes security clearance applicants need to be aware of.

  • Phone number field
  • Marital status types
  • Derivative citizenship (citizenship through birth)
  • School – new link with assistance for determining address
  • Question 21, mental health conditions
  • Clarification on marijuana as an illegal/controlled substance
  • Question 26 – added Chapter 12 bankruptcy

The good news is all of the changes are designed to make the form – which has been largely unchanged over the past decade – easier to fill out. Incomplete security clearance applications are still a major issue and one aspect of the myriad reasons for today’s epic delays in processing security clearance applications.

Read more about the latest changes to the SF86 - https://news.clearancejobs.com/2017/07/30/whats-new-sf86/

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