Perspecta Contractors

I’m hearing that Perspecta contractors are being allowed to TDY into the field the upcoming weeks.

Any truth to this?

I’ve also heard they are bringing along a fingerprint machine to fingerprint subjects. Is this some sort of agency/program specific thing? Never heard of this before.

When I worked for KGS we had fingerprint machines(not for NBIB contract though)

The fingerprint machine is for contracts other than DCSA. Probably sending CI’s out because CI’s can’t sue if they get sick.

Interesting. Always learning something new in this job.

Hopefully those going back into the field stay safe, seems a little soon to me but I get it, have to keep the lights on.

Why would TDY be needed? So many locally to cover all areas of the US that TDY should be nonexistent.

I can understand 1099 assignments vs FT but TDY?

Some of the NON DCSA contracts have never stopped doing in person field work during COVID. Apparently some of the agencies believe it is essential their investigations are conducted in person. I have a hunch that the independent contractors are more willing to conduct in person interviews than employees who can get away with refusing to do so because of various personal safety reasons.

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I happened to meet my investigator and do ink fingerprinting.