Post BI Interview

Is there a timeframe after the BI interview that you can no longer ask the Investigator to add information into your background report?

Per my FOIP request the investigation is still open. So, can I call the investigator and ask him if I can add additional information that may mitigate an issue?

This way it’s in there before it goes to adjudication.

You typically don’t contact the investigator unless they contact you.

Why did you file a FOIA request on your investigation while it is still open? You won’t see the FOIA documents for another year or more.

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I filed the FOIP to get my request in the que and to also ensure that the investigation is still in the open phase. (My FSO is not great at providing information)

They will send me my documents as soon as it is closed. This way if I get a SOR, I can have it readily available.

I guess what I am asking is can I have additional information added or do I have to wait until a SOR is given to possibly mitigate some an issue?

I am trying to head it off before it gets to adjudication.

Additional info… I reported the issue on my SF86, but I do not think I provided enough info to properly mitigate the issue during my interview.

Now that I have documents to mitigate, can I submit this to the investigator?

I had some cordial back and forth with my Omniplex investigator when he needed more info or when I asked for updates on his submission, internal review, and submission to the customer. Never had any drama. But take it with a grain of salt.

Generally speaking your investigator works with your case usually no longer than two weeks from the date assigned. Once assigned, contact is to be made within three days. The interview is to be completed very soon after that. The interview report is to be transmitted as soon as possible after that interview but before the two weeks are up.

The only reason an additional contract would be made is for the investigator obtaining info that was not completed during the initial interview or to confront on info discovered during the course of the investigation. If there are issues to resolve the investigator would know to make an additional contact.

If your interview was less than two weeks ago you could possibly reach out to the investigator and explain the desire to provide more information. It might be possible to have that item reopened.

If you were less than helpful in providing info, you were asked to do so and the investigator believes the info you provided is all there is, the report will note that in disclaimers. The investigator will leave it at that. There is no reason for an investigator to ask questions more than once that were answered in some fashion.

It depends on the additional mitigating factors. If you have additional financial docs or such = then contact your investigator to see if the case is “closed” (sent to the adjudicator) .

Don’t bother if you are submitting non-financial documents. I have had Subjects try to give me their copies of legal document, transcripts, etc (which i normally already obtained) to those trying to tell me who to interview. Save all that for the SOR if it is even needed. Often the issue(s) Subjects worry about are not the ones that cause them the most grief.

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Thank you for the reply. I am hoping the information I provided at the interview will help mitigate, but I guess if it goes to SOR I have more documentation to provide.