Potential issue - need feedback

Failed to pay some taxes years ago and just found out. Any advice?

Perspective as a cleared individual: I’ve never been in that position with my taxes, but I’ve been asked about taxes by an adjudicator (standard stuff… have you filed, do you owe, do you have any outstanding filings, bla, bla, bla). It’s best to have that amended return done, just in case you’re asked that question. That way you can show you’re being proactive about it if you’re asked whether you have any IRS issues and what you’ve done to correct them.

Failure to pay is taken seriously.

How long ago is “years ago?”

This is an interesting question because as I recall from some years back when I had some tax issues, I had to fill out additional forms so the investigator could have access to my tax info. If you did not disclose this, then I presume you did not have to fill out such waivers, so the investigator would not have reason to make additional checks.

Anyway, keep copies of all the documents you prepare and receive and be prepared for follow-up questions. Not sure if you can reach out to the investigator at this point.

Thanks, that makes sense

All I can think is that an investigator will want to dig into that omission, and may be interested to find out if anything else was left out.