Problems with menu bar

The “Discuss” “Blog” and “About” buttons are showing up right on top of the “New” and “Unread” buttons. I’m seeing this with different browsers on different computers.

Tried clearing cache, no luck.

Any one else seeing this?

Try to reinstall Windows.

Nah. The issue is the same no matter the browser used in Windows or iOS. It’s the site.

I uninstalled Windows XP and reinstalled Mac OS X Leopard. Problem persists. I have tried Safari, Opera, Firefox, Chrome, and even an old version of Netscape Navigator. I am looking for my Solaris CDs to see if installing Unix will resolve the problem. I will report back once I add another 48MB stick of RAM.

Use your AOL CD or 3.5 diskette. Kidding. Acting weird on my phone as well.

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Have no fear, but it is us who is at fault. Some update has affected the CSS code used for appearances. I have temporarily removed the menu until we can get one of our developers to get a perm fix.

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