GDIT class action suit

Just got notice that (I think) all remote workers for GDIT are included in the WARN suit. Don’t know what I’ll get out of it (I got $2.15 from Google once) but the layoff was pretty darn sneaky back in 2019. I guess GDIT thought they were being clever by laying off people in phases and assuming that the investigators (and others) working outside of the HQ didn’t count. A couple of mil won’t hurt their bottom line much.


What a pleasant surprise to see this notice. I am still bitter about how GDIT handled the layoff. As a Supervisor, they had me interviewing and onboarding people the week before they notified all of us of the layoff. Disgusting. You can email the firm and find out an estimate of what you will receive. I left the industry after that and will never go back, even though I absolutely loved my job and my team.

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Did you ever figured out why gdit kept onboarding when they knew it was over? I never understood that and they all do it!

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No idea. They don’t care about the people doing the work. We had a guy scheduled to start the Monday after we were all notified of the lay off. He’d given notice of his resignation to CACI, as soon as I found out I told him, but GDIT refused to let him start, and CACI refused to let him rescind his resignation. So he was completely out of a job and couldn’t even file for unemployment. That one was really upsetting.

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It’s all about billable hours. Our value is only in our billable hours.