Proctored Testing (Double Appointment)

I’m aware that this doesn’t explicitly relate to the security clearance process, my apologies if it belongs somewhere else. I haven’t seen a similar post here or on Federal Soup either.

I have a second round interview with NSA and I’m not entirely sure what to expect. Does anybody know what the “double appointment” means for a proctored exam? Position is a developmental program that feeds into language analyst work. I’m aware the DLAB will be given but I’m not sure if I should be expecting a competency exam for a foreign language that I have a background in. I’ll be preparing for a possible language exam anyway, but if anyone is able to shed any light on what I can expect (within reason), it would be much appreciated.


Are you sure it’s the DLAB? That’s to test your ability to learn a language, whereas the DLPT is the test that I’m pretty sure you’ll be taking. It’ll most likely be a reading test in the morning and listening test in the afternoon. I think you get three hours for each test.

If your language is found here, you can take both tests as a self-assesment.

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In the initial emails, the recruiter specified that I would be taking the DLAB at some point and that the language I get is up to the needs of the agency, if I were to be offered the position. I’m a tad confused because there was some discussion regarding having a background in a language but maybe it’s just a standard question? The on site interview is scheduled for 8 hours and I can’t imagine the DLAB takes that long, nor can I imagine what else would pair with it to make this a “double appointment”. Unless it’s just another standard interview + DLAB, which would make sense, but I can’t find anything that confirms or denies it.

I can find posts regarding analysts taking language exams during their application process, but nothing about how that works for someone applying to go through the talent development pipeline.

Thank you for the link! It is indeed on there and that would be a huge help to gauge where my ability is at.

Oh, interesting. That makes sense then. I received the same type of email so I just assumed yours was also for the DLPT.

Does that mean they plan to hire you and send you to initial language training? Wow.

In the military at least, your DLAB score dictates what languages you can take.

By the way about the only thing you can do to prepare for the DLAB is bone up on English grammar so at least you understand how English works. That may help you to decipher the DLAB (full disclosure: I’ve never taken it but worked with many who have)

I haven’t but it’s on my list. Just got back to Maine this week to visit family, I’ll have to take a trip down there.

From what I understand, the DLAB will be given during the application process but the position itself entails 1-2 years of full time language training before actually starting the position.

Thanks for the advice, it’s much appreciated. I’m looking into picking up a study guide or two just to brush up. Although I’ve been told that it’s hard to prepare for an aptitude test but I think boning up on English grammar is the best I can do.

No worries. I know that applicants for linguistic positions get the DLPT but I’m unsure if it’s given to applicants for the linguist development program. I’m aware that the DLAB dictates which language one gets but it’s just confusing considering there was an interest in my previous language experience, so I’m not sure if it’s part of the process as well. I’m sure it’s all up to the needs of the agency but I wonder if there’s a way one can try to make a case for a specific one as long as their scores permit it.

Can confirm, it will indeed be the DLAB. Thanks for all the input everybody.