Upcoming NSA Language Test: Is any other testing/interviewing done while there for this purpose? Such as security related?

Received two invitations for two different languages - nervous. Would have liked to sign up later due to life reasons/work but ultimately it looks like i’ll be doing it in early July, otherwise I have to re-apply which isn’t ideal. I’m nervous as all get out. I want to prepare myself mentally and calm these jitters.

While there, is there anything else conducted that I should mentally prepare myself for? As in, am I going to be blind sided by additional interviews other than my language exams, a polygraph, drug testing, security interviews, or anything of the sort? Do note it’s not failing i’m worrying about - it’s just the process and if I need to mentally prep myself for, say, someone watching me pee or having an intense security interview take place.

My invitations are only for two languages, but I don’t know if there’s more entailed while there.

Would anyone be able to advise on what spending a couple days doing the NSA Language Tests might be like, and if I’ll have additional testing/screening while there? Or is all that separate from language examination?

Thank you!

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No additional interviews/polygraphs. You shouldn’t worry about that. Keep in mind there is a huge pipeline going through the process and they wouldn’t even get to you until you pass basic technical requirement. Additionally, after the initial technical test, if result is satisfying, they will send out an online interview invitation.

As for the test, I think it depends on the language, but you should look up DLPT + (language you will be tested for) via google, that should give you enough of information.

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Great, thank you. I would hate to get there thinking I’m just taking a language test to then have to turn around and do a drug test, security interviews, etc. That sorta stuff is never fun, even if there’s nothing to hide.

I guess a second concern I have is from late July - August I will be out of the country working for a reputable U.S-based study abroad company chaperoning high school students. I wonder if they’ll be flexible with resuming the process until after I return in late August. The timing for all of this is awful. I didn’t want to do these language assessments since I have so much going on, but after being told I’d have to reapply, and I only see these jobs listed a couple times a year and it took months to get to this point, I thought no way.

For me, this whole process is all about who reaches the finish line first. You probably have seen posts about people being discontinued for unspecific reasons but one of the reason may be someone else completed the process earlier than other applicants. Unless you really are not that fluent with the language you are gonna test for, nor have any confidence to make significant improvement between now and July, I think you should take it as early as possible.

If you are not looking to change your job anytime soon and can wait, then reapply may not be a bad thing either.


Well, I am admittedly not fluent. I have language training from undergraduate and was at the Defense Language Institute but was not able to progress to AIT for unrelated reasons. I still used my language however and the job I’m taking this summer (temporary) is abroad (with a U.S based company) where I’ll be utilizing the language. I was hoping to either get into the program that enhances my skills in this language, or to qualify being cross-trained into another language as I meet the DLAB requirement for any language. I guess we’ll see! I bit the bullet and after scrambling a little, I’ve scheduled my dates. Thank you for the info you provided.


Good luck! And look at this way, the pay grade is based on education plus experience. In an unlikely scenario, say if you didn’t pass this time, you will gain another year of experience that you can put in your resume and account that as experience, therefore, you will be paid more in the future when you are selected.

I have heard it is preferable to land the job with the agency in higher grade/steps. You are not gonna lose either way!


When did you apply for the job?