Seemingly uncommon processing sequence

Processing for a contract linguist position and the sequence seems to be a little reversed (or not, I’m pretty new to this). I have a couple friends who are linguists and the first thing they did was take language tests, followed by a CJO and SF-86. Well, the first thing I did was my SF-86 for a TS/SCI. No CJO either. I’ve asked the recruiter a couple times about my languages tests and was told that the goal is to get my clearance/ SCI access, then my language skills will be tested. The recruiter seems plenty confident and they process for some bigger contracts, so I believe her. Just seems like a strange order of doing things. It’s not a rare language either, so I don’t imagine they’re hurting for people.

The only time I’ve seen something similar was on a DOD physical security contract. Everyone was flown overseas, where we took PT/ shooting tests. If you didn’t pass, you were sent home.

Anyone have any similar experience as linguists, or in other roles?

Yes. I had it both ways. When I was processing for a contract linguist position directly with a three letter agency I started with taking and passing all the language tests, followed by SF86, poly, BI.
Now I am being processed for a DOD client by a contractor. I did take some easy language exams with them so they know I am not a phony and they moved with SF86 followed by BI. I was told when I get my TS/SCI, then I will do the poly and testing with the client.
Hope that helps.

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It does, thank you. (character limit)

In addition to what @Dima said, sometimes contractors are trying to get eligible candidates for contracts they have not won. If you filled out an SF86 but did not submit an eQIP they might be performing an internal assessment on your eligibility.

That is true, but in my experience companies usually use their own forms for the pre-screen.

Gotcha. I have seen that before, where companies will pre-screen for pending contracts. But I believe I read that this company was awarded part of the contract for these language services. Either way, I did submit an eQIP a couple months ago and an investigator already reached out to some of my contacts.

Isn’t SF86 the same as eQUIP, just an online representation of the form?

Yes, but submitting an SF86 to a contracting company is not the same as filling out an eQip.

I don’t understand. Is there anyone who sends out SF86 on paper and not through eQUIP these days?
If I remember correctly my contracting company told me I will receive an email with eQUIP credentials - fill it out and release it. Can it be done any other way?

I know that some contractors still ask employees to print out the paper form and mail it in. Not sure if it’s something that they do as a company, or if it’s specific to that contract or department though.

Not really. Some contractors will have you fill out an SF86 so they can internally screen you before you are submitted to the government. There are a lot of tactics that contracting companies use in order to screen/hire for positions that they dont even really have yet in order to win contracts.

That’s good information to know.

And sorry, I should have clarified. The investigator who called is from DCSA, so hopefully my package has moved on from any internal screening.

Just received an email from my contractor. Apparently, there is a new government directive by which poly and CI has to be done before adjudication. Everything is put on hold until these things can be scheduled again…

Interesting, I thought these always had to be done before adjudication. Either way, the bases are closed until further notice.

It was a few years back now, but I worked at a contractor company where you could get cleared without a poly but were subject to be called in on a ‘random’ basis at any time. I understand they have tightened up since then but people can still get the initial clearance before the poly. Its just that now they are going to catch up with more people and do it quicker.

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yes before adjudication but Before or after BI?

No hard and fast rules here.

Sorry what do you mean?

I was told my BI is “closed and sent to adjudicator “. And now everything is on hold before poly and CI can be scheduled.

makes sense. process is ever changing