I finally got the FJO but I have so many questions

I will be a linguist as a civilian with NSA

They will take care of the relocation but I think it’ll eventually coming out of my pocket or maybe they want me to pay upfront and reimburse me later ?
I will also break my apartment contract. Will they pay for it ?

I chose the day to report to duty. However, I am leaving a job I’ve been with quite awhile. I am afraid that I show up for duty in Maryland and NSA changed their mind. This would be devastating. I spent 2 years going through the clearance. I just want to be assured.

You should have a POC for relocation questions; ask them, not this forum :slight_smile: You’ll probably need pay up front and submit an expense report. Part of it may be taxable.

Yes, it is possible that the start date could be delayed. I doubt they would outright rescind the offer, but I have heard of cases where folks were informed that they’d have to delay their start date. It is unusual but it has happened.

No assurances but probably 95% plus certainty that everything will go smoothly with your start date.

Thank you :pray:t5:

Are you a linguist at the agency ?

What is it like being a linguist.

I have a decade experience as an interpreter in different settings such as court, medical settings and companies.

I presume a linguist is a translator/ interpreter?

I used to work with a number of them at various sites when I was in the military.

The key is that you should not expect to be a “translator” or an “interpreter” but a language analyst. They actually have a name for it (which escapes me now but I’m sure its on their web pages somewhere) where you also need to be an intelligence analyst who is knowledgeable of all the ways that the agency carries out their mission, in addition to being proficient in the target language.

You will also need to learn the terminology and jargon specific to whatever problem set you are working on. Fortunately the internet can help here

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If they expect me to pay upfront the relocation then I am afraid I cannot afford that at the moment. I literally have to break my rent contract which by itself will cost me $5k.

I don’t understand how they don’t consider this ?

you dont have a credit card or loan you can take out? You will be able to pay it off right back from my understanding of this situation cause they will reimburse you right? unless my understanding is wrong.

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I do not believe the cost of breaking a lease is covered. If this were a PCS move for a current federal employee that might be covered, bur for someone just coming on board it may not be an eligible expense.

Most agencies do not offer any relo to new employees, i dont think, so this is something of a bonus that they are offering any kind of package. Still it sounds like a lot to handle.

PS if filing a expense report for relocation is anything filing an expense report for routine DoD travel expect to wait some time for reimbursement… like maybe a month or longer, and that’s from the time you file the claim.

I am forced to dig into my meager savings to use it towards relocating.

It’ll cost me at least $8k

I should just be glad that they will reimburse me.

Would you mind sharing your clearance/ poly timeline? Thank you!

Don’t make any assumptions at reimbursement. Talk with your HR recruiting POC and get things in writing or just decline the offer if you don’t have the cash or they can’t reimburse you. The threat of a declination often results in a bit of flexibility. They already have a lot invested in you.

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You will be paid for your relocation, and if you are short , there is a mechanism to help you with your cash flow after you start working there. I would get a 0 % credit card and buy time to wait to be reimbursed.

However, keep in mind that reimbursement will be counted as your income and will be taxed next year.

I think my process was very unique.

I’m a naturalized citizen with relatives in the old country. This caused extensive investigation.

I have traveled overseas a lot too and this also made my clearance process a lengthy one.

I’ll give you my timeline.

Applied 10/2021

  I got contacted in 11/2021

       Called down to take the language test 12/2021

1/2022 -started filling out the SF86

3/2022 -got a visit by the investigator

6/2022 -polygraph & psych evaluation

9/2022 -security interview

2/2023-security interview

8/2023-security interview

2/2024 -psych interview

3/2024 - Firm Job Offer

All and all 2.5 years.

I had to account for almost ever relative overseas , every money transfer to my relatives overseas, my character, personality and mental state.

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