Public Trust Clearance - Receive favorable adjudication but denied by Agency?

I am in the beginning stages of this process and have completed the eQIP/SF85. I had a personal interview with BI and reviewed a couple things from between 15-20 years ago (which were out of the noted 7 year scope of the application, but I went with it because I figured it is their perogative to expand the timeframe).

The items from 15-20 years ago aren’t great, but not horrible. Relied on credit cards a bit too much and have been actively paying those off/being more financially responsible over that time. Had a felony almost 20 years ago (completed diversion; case declined/dismissed) but have been a straight arrow ever since.

As part of wrapping up our interview, the BI said that every application is handled on a case by case basis but mine didn’t seem alarming, just needed clarification, especially considering the amount of time that has passed. She then reviewed next steps, but mentioned that it really comes down to the Agency. I could receive favorable adjudication but the Agency could deny it.

My question is - has that occurred to anyone, receiving favorable adjudication but being denied by Agency in the end? In my case, it would be Dept of Education.

I’m curious how this worked out. Did you ever get an answer?