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good afternoon clearance world. After doing a ton of reading on here I wanted to get some insight from experts. Filled out eqip going back 7+ years for public trust, think it’s a HRPT. I have active clearance and my TS expired 2019.
investigators are done talking to everyone and their mothers. only factors, which are big ones is a DUI 2014, military honorable administration separation 2015. Since then nothing to hide, one foreign contact who I dont speak to but added anyway because I was scared not to.
what is a educated timeline guess? I know no one can really tell me if I have a chance or not on getting cleared so only looking for a timeline on hearing back. I’ve accepted it’s up to the clearance gods now.

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I have active clearance and my TS expired 2019


nothing to hide

Well, if you were going to hide it, you wouldn’t be posting it here, so of course you have “nothing to hide”…

sorry meant to say active secret, ts expired. what is there to hide lol. the question was timeline wise… odd response.

In my experience, everybody has something to hide.

that’s subjective but thanks guys. have a great evening.

Nope. It’s true. I see it everyday. Hence, we have a security process.

maybe, that’s a broad generalization. I dont think we have background investigations because everyone has something to hide, we have them because a few hide a lot.

“Show me the man and I’ll show you the crime.” -Lavrenti Beria

“The fact that you are not in jail does not mean you are innocent; it means we have not done our job.” -Feliks Dzerzhinsky

(A little historical perspective)


Oh my… the quotes a true reflection of the time back in USSR. I was born in late 70s and didn’t get a full grasp of it , and by time I was a teenager you could tell the iron fist was gone, but politic of the country would still adhere to idealism you @sbusquirrel mentioned.

Feliks Dzerzhinsky would not only find you guilty of many heinous crimes, he would also make sure you sign off on that, admitting to all of them. That’s just the way it was.

He might have made a good polygrapher )))

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the history of the Soviet Union, are you an investigator? do they know you quote Russians regularly? we might need to do a investigation.

why wont anyone answer my question??! lol

If in fact your investigation is complete, then I guess the next step is adjudication. I do not have any experience with public trust, but if it is anything like a security clearance for DoD I’d estimate about 60-90 days at the minimum to hear anything.

Oh, and by the way…


(sarc) :smiling_imp:

There are no timelines. Each case is unique and takes as long as it takes. I’ve seen public trust from e-QIP submission to final adjudication take anywhere from a month to more than a year.

Much depends on how accurate and complete the information is you provide and how quickly you respond to requests for additional information, among dozens of other factors.

DHS, you mean? DHL is a mail service company.

Also, you’ll find out you won’t ever get a straight answer to some of your questions during the process. As an applicant your job is to answer questions, not ask.

hahaha glad to see everyone has good humor here. thanks for the input.

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DHS… yes. thanks for the correction. I was typing on my phone. prior special ops… I answer questions and ask them as well. wish myclearance transferred over to a high risk PT. lame.

Not uncommon when a prior investigation does not support the risk associated with a new position being sought.