Public Trust - minuse of information systems

I wanted to get an idea of my chances of obtaining a public trust clearance. I was fired a month ago for accessing pornography on a work computer. I did it a few times over a two week period, while at home, and after work hours. I never had any issues prior to this (was at my company for 7 years) and could still receive references from team members and management at my former company. I was working for a government contractor, but did not have any kind of clearance. I have no criminal record, no financial issues, and no drug use history. I just made a huge mistake a few times and paid for it by losing my job. What would my chances be of getting cleared for a public trust?

Recent misuse of IT systems that results in an employment termination is an issue that could be disqualifying regardless of the absence of other issues. I think it would depend on the agency and position you are applying for and would give you a 50-50 chance of being favorably adjudicated if mitigating factors were present.

Thank you Marko. Could you please give me some examples of mitigating factors?

If you obtain professional counseling for pornography. I would go this route and show you have completed a program.

I was also going to suggest counseling. The fact that it was at home and after hours will work in your favor but the fact that you could have easily had your own computer for this type of access will work against you.

Remember . . . any time you work on someone else’s computer, they can pretty much see everything that you do and many employers are very likely to monitor usage and check up on you. What you did, particularly if you had done it in the office but even from home, puts your employer at risk. They can be sued if someone else see’s anything on your screen that offends them. The fact that you did it at home will just lead them to believe that you will, or can, eventually do something at the office.

Ed is right on the money.

Every internet pornography case I have ever worked always involved Subject’s using the gov’t or employer laptops. Every one of the Subject’s were well up the food chain and could have easily afforded a cheap laptop for personal use. None of the cases involved illegal pornography.