Public Trust Moderate Risk: Following Up and Timeline

Hello everyone - I am new here but have been viewing topics for a few days, trying to figure out the answers to my questions. Some posts are close but none seem exactly on point, so I figured I would post…

I have been offered a conditional job with a government contractor. The position requires a public trust clearance, which appears to be moderate risk. I am processing out of Philadelphia.

Shortly after the CJO was extended and I accepted, a point of contact on the gov’t side notified me that the Office of Security and Strategic Information (OSSI) would reach out to me and request that I fill out the e-qip form. Since then, nobody from OSSI has been in contact with me. To that end, I am wondering if I should make contact with my POC again to determine whether I need to take some sort of action to initiate this or if it just takes time for OSSI to reach out to me?

Second, like many other people, I am wondering how long (realistically) I can expect to wait for my PT to be cleared. Unfortunately, this is not a position where I can start with an interim clearance, so I will need to be fully cleared before beginning. The problem is (like many others on here), I am in need of full time regular employment. Therefore,I was hoping to get a bit of an updated timeline on the timeline of this type of clearance. If it helps, I am located in Philadelphia where I lived most of my life and have no “red flags” in background. I have heard as little as 6 weeks and as much as a year. Nonetheless, I am still very curious and am hoping someone could share their experience for recent PT, mod. risk timelines.

Thank you, in advance for any and all replies!

Who is this now? Is this like an actual official government organization?

Sorry - my mistake - I meant Office of National Security. But yea, it seems that office is run by the government.

ONS is under HHS. It’s that department’s intelligence and national security component.

Update? Did your case close/get adjudicated? What was your timeline?