"Moderate risk public trust"

I emailed the DoS and they informed me I was granted a “moderate risk public trust” two weeks ago and should have been informed by HR or the Security office. I wasn’t informed of anything. Does this mean I was granted my security clearance or that I’m disqualified? Asking here for a quicker answer as I wait for a response from my contractor.

MR-PT is not a clearance!!! It means you were found suitable for a position that requires a higher degree of trust and integrity. It has nothing to do with access to classified information.

Moderate Risk Public Trust Background

Position: Armed Security Guard- Contract

Dear Marko,

I am writing to know the following:

During the course of the investigation or at the end, who informs me about issues or indicates the result of investigation? The company or the federal agency? Send me email or letter?


The responsible government agency will notify the company once favorably adjudicated. If issues need to be addressed they would contact you directly.

Thank you Marko!

I am worried because my SF 85P was completed on February 9, 2019 and my credit was pulled on february 21, 2019.

I received an email from the company on March 6, 2019 in the morning to sent me to start training on March 25, 2019 and the same day in the afternoon the company ad that is looking for security officer for the same position.

If you’re E-QIP was completed only 1 month ago, and you were not contacted for a background interview, it’s highly unlikely that your application has worked it’s way through the machine. But if they are starting you on 3/25, you may be allowed to work while the application is processing which could take a year (or more…or less…).

I wouldn’t be concerned that there is a job posting for the same position. They may be hiring several people for the role.


I receive the following:

Phase 1 First Message

Captain and Mr. Beto,

It has been determined that this candidate does meet the PHASE I necessary qualifications required of the position.

Please have Mr. Beto check personal email for instructions on the VAP-E-QIP.

You have been approved to proceed with PHASE II on the Applicant Compliance Checklist.

I receive this email after going through phase 1: pre-employment background check. I send all my credentials, background and credit check release.

I was waiting until I received the following email:

Message 2


Captain John Doe and Mr. Beto,

I have attached a copy of your Applicant Compliance Checklist. Please use this for reference as to what documents are needed for Phase II.

I have also attached the form needed for Occupational Health and Wellness. Make sure you take this form along with the J.12 for your appointment.

Thank you,


I just received a call from the supervisor where I’m supposed to work. He tells me that he received the following message:

Captain John Doe,

I called the office this morning (9:10 am MT), I was told you had already left for the day. In regards to your attached training plan, at this time you only have one potential candidate, Mr. Beto. We have not been able to verify his employment per FAA minimum qualifications through either the Worknumber or by his resume. The one Security Guard position he had on his resume is outside the scope.

If you have and questions or comments please do not hesitate to contact me via phone or email.

Best Regards,

Jane Doe

Yesterday the agency PSS send me the OF 306 to filling.

I don’t know but the company work very disorganized!


1- What do you recommend?

2- I can stop my Moderate Risk background check?

Thank you a lot!

Sounds like they are trying to verify you meet the minimum experience for the position and can’t verify work history. Why are you so antsy about it? Just let the process work and you will eventually either get the job or you won’t.

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I am worried that they verify the employment in the phase 1. Once the employment is verified I go to phase 2 that starts the agency background check and the training.

The call was to stop the process and tell me that the reason is experience comes out of the investigation scope.

Three (3) years of experience in security within the last five (5) years

Associate degree in a related field plus one (1) year of experience

I apply to the position because I qualify for the university preparation and the year of experience. The item 2 don’t say in the past 5 or 7 years.

I had to send a background check my old w2s to prove I worked there as the company purged thier records for some reason.

Maybe a solution?