Question regarding question 23.1 on S85p form? Has the U.S. government ever investigated your background and/or granted you a security clearance eligibility/access?

I’m confused how to answer this question. I was fingerprinted 8 years ago so I can obtain access in a federal building. And the results came back from an offense that occurred in 2006. As a result, I had to be let go. However I never ever completed paperwork for obtaining a security clearance or public trust. The new job requires a public trust and not a security clearance. Can I answer no in this field?

I would answer no. They’re looking for full investigations for the purpose of being adjudicated for some kind of clearance/public trust position.

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A National Criminal History Check is not an investigation so the answer is no.

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Ok but for public trust do they fingerprint? The form I think I will need to fill out only says 7 years but this infraction was 16 years ago. But I’m afraid if they do a finger print it will be discovered even tho so much time has passed.

Oh ok so even tho I was finger printed through the database this doesn’t count in regards to public trust? I just remember not providing my past offense on the paperwork that was given to me right before finger printing. It asked if I had been arrested or had any convictions but it wasn’t the EQIP!

You will be fingerprinted. You need to be honest on all the of the security questionnaires.

This i presume is the form you complete right before fingerprinting correct? Yeah I remember this is the form and I remember not disclosing all details the first time around. So I guess second time has to be the charm. I just hope the offense doesn’t disqualify me it happened 16 years ago.

It can be several different forms. You submit fingerprints for any federal background investigation.

Being honest is the critical part of the process. Most incidents from 16 years ago are not “instant disqualifiers”, You never mentioned any details about your arrest, such as, the charge, so more specific response can not be provided.

Sec. 23 is useless. Most people don’t answer correctly and not due to deception. The government has a record of all clearances and investigations.

Simply answer to the best of your memory and knowledge.

Is there a way to private message you more details

Yeah I will just put I don’t know. I want to avoid any possible issues. Just scared about the fingerprint Check because it’s a serious felony that happened so long ago but they may look at the nature of the crime and not care for the amount of time past

sorry there is no private messaging in clearance jobs.

Be honest and transparent in your answers. If you have something in your past that could be mitigated by time, you will have a more serious issue if its discovered and you omitted it when required to list. You don’t mention the charge, but carefully read the police, drug and alcohol sections. Some of the questions are “ever” questions meaning ever in your life, even if annulled or dismissed. Criminal records are checked so it will likely be found.

Missy1: You probably had a NACI (now called a Tier 1) investigation required under Homeland Security Presidential Directive 12 (HSPD-12) for physical or logical access to government facilities and computer systems. For a NACI you would have filled out an SF85 and possibly an OF306 and been fingerprinted. I would list it at section 23; however, you can answer “no” to the question “Have you EVER had a security clearance eligibility/access authorization denied, suspended, or revoked?” The SF85 is for non-sensitive positions

Yes I think this was the check! So technically I never done a equip document aka 85 or 86 form. The form I did fill was regarding to fingerprint form and it asked if I had any convictions and I didn’t state them. So my question is will it show up in the system the previous response from many years ago or do I have another chance to state exactly what it was with the new NACI check?

If you didn’t submit an SF85, an NACI was not conducted. Some federal agencies have their own checks they conduct for intermittent or short-term access to their facilities, when a NACI/Tier 1 is not required under HSPD-12. They often create their own forms and sometimes use an OF306. It’s still better to list the check on your SF85P.

There’s a field where you can check I don’t know after you select yes or no. So because I’m not entirely sure I’ll check this to cover myself.

I am so confused about the whole process because I know someone who has had TSCI more than as a contractor an electrical engineer for very lucrative companies. The head spinning part the DUI’s more than a dozen and bankrupties. It was in 1970’s-1990’s and he does not drink anymore. I was accepted into a program to get an insurance license, and I got kicked out program because I wrote a bad check on accident and had to pay for the check, fine, and spend 8 hours on a Saturday in a financial responsibility course. I saw a job posting about a secret clearance. Its been over a decade its absolutely insane!

Yea, it’s weird what they are stringent on and not.