Questions job recruiter is allowed to ask

Is it illegal for a recruiter to ask applicant if he has government clearance and then refuse to continue conversation when applicant refuses to answer? I know there are proper ways for recruiter to determine status of applicants security clearance through recruiters companies FSO.

The question is: is the recruiter breaking a law and if this is something that should be reported to applicants and recruiters companies FSO?

It should be noted that applicant contacted the recruiter, so it was not a fishing attempt targeting the applicant.

Thanks ahead

It should be added that no specific job or job requirements were discussed by recruiter and the applicant.

Many jobs require clearances. A recruiter will be asking if you have a clearance to see whether you are even eligible for a job or a series or jobs. A clearance status is not a protected class (no discrimination there).

That being said, your failure to answer a simple question may have turned the recruiter off of even dealing with you, especially if you were the one reaching out to the recruiter.

Agree with previous comment, there is no right to a security clearance, it is based on a need and being cleared fro access. Plenty of cleared individuals out there with the skill set which allows recruiters to pick and choose the most qualified.

I agree that there is no “right” to security clearance. Which is why it is not something that should be advertised or admitted to a complete stranger. What stops a KGB agent from posting a $300K/year job on linkedin and start collecting names of all the people currently in possession of one?

The KGB no longer exists!