How to get info from candidates to verify clearance status?

As a recruiter, am I allowed to have candidates fill out a “form” to provide full name, DOB, POB, & SSN when they come in for an interview? We used to ask for the info over the phone at my previous company, but I would prefer to have an “official” process at my new company (and it’s up to me to implement the recruiting processes). I’m curious to see what other recruiters do. Thank you!

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I see legal concerns with this approach concerning the request for PII in the absence of legitimate business needs. You may need to clear with an attorney.

We used to call that an “application” . . . These days, I’m not sure about asking for SSN. Of course, if the applicant reports that they already have a clearance, you will need that to verify their clearance before or after the interview.

See what general counsel says

When I went to the hiring event for one of the big 5 - DOD Contractor, they processed everyone on the first day, even though not everyone get the offer until after the event on the 2nd day or on the flight going home. They take proof of citizenship (a.k.a. U.S. passport), ssn, fingerprint, etc.

Thanks for the responses! I was hoping not to have to ask our attorney, but I would rather be on the safe side with this issue. I’ll let you know what she says in case anyone here is interested.