Company wants SCI questionnaire before interview

I have an active TS and recently received a cleared job offer after filling out and submitting a lengthy SCI questionnaire with company A. I declined that job and accepted a different cleared job with company B. Recently I’ve been talking to company C about an IT job with a large defense contractor. Even though I’ve got an active TS, even before a phone interview and way before a job offer, they want their own lengthy SCI prescreening questionnaire submitted, disclosing a whole bunch of personally identifiable confidential info about myself. They claim its to verify the candidate will meet the DOD clients needs. This seems premature , invasive , excessive and a security risk to me as the database could be leaked or hacked. What would you do? Is this common in the industry and acceptable? Thanks!

My first civilian job requiring SCI did not do this… then a few years later I got a job for a different company that required a questionnaire (before the final job offer, before you ever submit an SF-86/eQIP). Not everybody does this, but many places do. Some companies do a very good job and know what their customers will accept; other companies seem to just be risk-averse and reject anyone with other than a squeaky-clean questionnaire.

There is also a pre-screen that is completely separate from security, sort of private sector suitability. I knew a couple guys who had current/active clearances and the new employers verified that there would be no trouble crossing them over but they still had to wait several weeks to go through this other check, which is done even for people not requiring a clearance.

Is it invasive? Yes. Is it a violation of privacy? Maybe. And your concerns about data been stolen are valid as well. You don’t have to comply… but you won’t go any farther in the processing either.


Yes I have filled out the SCI security questionnaire for another job AFTER I got an offer. I then got the final job offer. This is the first time a company wants it even before a phone interview. Apparently they are rejecting every applicant. They won’t disclose what the deal breakers are. Very weird. The problem is they could be building up a database of 1000 job applicants most sensitive data. And who knows what they do with it or how they guard it.