TS/SCI pre-screening interview

Hi, looking for some guidance in regards to what should be done and overall legal ramifications for Military personnel with secret clearance. Service member was looking to change jobs within the military, and one that requires TS/SCI. During their TS/SCI Pre-screening interview they admitted to prior drug usage and lying about that on SF-86. The interview was completed over the phone and after a few days, they decided not to go through with the TS/SCI application process / change of heart in jobs.

The service member notified me that that the interviewer was not going to recommend them to their boss, based on prior drug use and something to do with family background. I was hoping for some guidance I can provide the service member. I’m assuming they should seek legal assistance.

Was notified that if they were to ever apply again, they would have to do another pre-screening.

The service member seemed genuinely upset about their past and having worked with them, I know they are good people. I understand that they have made poor decisions in the past, seems like they want to continue their service as long as they can.

Appreciate any feedback or advice that I can provide to them.

Lying about previous drug use on the SF-86 is very bad. Drug use may be forgiven over time but lying on the SF-86 is the showstopper here. How is anyone going to be able to trust him again? The real question is, after lying on the SF-86, how long would it take for an investigator to believe him again? That, my friend is a much bigger issue that the drug use.

…unless I need to inquire as to what types of drugs. If heavy duty stuff just hang it up and look for another career field. Pot a couple times, yea time heals that.