Re: It’s Easier to Get Into the Senate than Get a Security Clearance

It’s Easier to Get Into the Senate than Get a Security Clearance
Lindy Kyzer

“If congress really think that giving out a security clearance is like passing out candy, I’d encourage them to submit themselves to the process. Maybe if they had to wait 137 days for access to classified information, they wouldn’t be so quick to put the workforce into question.”

Effin’ nailed it!! Good piece.


Most of them are liars who think they can bs their way into anything because people constantly overlook their lies due to their status.


Funny thing is how many of them have a clearance? I bet most of them wouldn’t pass the background investigation!!! We the people should demand it to be mandatory for all Senate and Congressional positions to be cleared.


Don’t get me started. I think a full TS clearance should be a requirement to run for any federal office. If the you can’t get a clearance, how can you be trusted to be in that position? The qualifications were written when America was a small, mostly agricultural society. They had lots of boundaries and stayed out of most of the world affairs. National security wasn’t a “thing.” NSA didn’t start until 1952 and we didn’t even have our first National Security Advisor until 1953. The requirements to run for office needs a facelift.


Yes I agree with this. Members of Congress should have to go through the same processes as others to gain access to classified information. I’ve seen members of Congress who sit on National Security and Foreign Affairs committees/subcommittees literally call for the defunding of our most important intelligence allies. I have no idea how people like that are allowed to access classified intelligence information. They seem like a security threat themselves.