Reading JPAS records

Is there someone with actual knowledge of JPAS records willing to help me understand mine?
I have questions.

Is there any info on the DSS (oops DCSA) web site? I think JPAS/DISS folks may have some kind of non-disclosure agreement. I’m sure it is unclassified but almost certainly For Official Use Only so they may not be willing to share too much on an open web site.

I think JPAS became DISS. JPAS had two sub-systems, one of which was the personnel side… JCAV? I don’t know… used to have a good relationship with our FSO who would show me my JPAS record but I left that job.

I didn’t know to check the DCSA website. I’ll try there.

Nothing on the website. I emailed their info desk.

How did you see your JPAS? Is it through your FSO only?

I got a copy through a FOIA request submitted by my attorney.