Reciprocity for agency transfer DOD to FS

I Recently have accepted a Tenative job offer from the FS. I currently hold a position with the DOD. My T1 sf85 was favorably adjudicated but said it had “D” issues. What are “D” issues? Thats my first question. My next question if I hold a nonsensitive/ low moderate risk position and my new job holds the same. And my current job holds a security clearance, but its not required for my new job. Cant I request reciprocity ? I was adjudicated in june 2023. 3 months ago.

Each type of issue has a severity scale ranging from A to D with A being the least severe and D being the most severe within that category of issue.

Assuming FS is Foreign Service, State Dept typically seems to ignore all the guidelines on reciprocity. A senior DS official once said in a public forum, “Reciprocity? We don’ need no stinkin’ reciprocity!!!”

OK I admit that is complete :poop: and I made it up, but it captures the situation nicely. I suspect that any blemish at all on a DoD investigation/adjudication will result in a complete new investigation conducted by State Dept.

FS actually stands for Forest service in this case. What would a “D” issue be ?

Asking what a “D” issue is is entirely too broad of a question to even begin to answer.

Could be guideline D, did you have any risky sexual history?

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LOL. no history of any sexual anything. Lol. Update : I passed suitability and fitness and my background investigation has passed favorably. I start my new position with forest service in November.

I am going to toss in another wrench into the conversation. Cases sent to the requesting agency can also get an “issue code” which use the same letters of the alphabet used by the field, and additional letters.

These codes simply identify to the reader that certain concerns, and the concern level, exist in that report. The only real concern the Subject should have is the pass/don’t pass outcome.