DHS to DoD Reciprocation Tier 5

Hi all

I currently work for DHS (on the GS side, not contract) and have been given a “Tier 5” clearance that isn’t technically a clearance from what I’m being told… but the investigation is the same as a TS

All I know is that I completed and successfully adjudicated using an SF-86 back in October 2018.

I then joined the Air National Guard in December 2018, my job with the Air National Guard requires a TS. I had security personnel at DHS complete some form to give to my recruiter and I confirmed with security at the AFB that they did whatever was needed to pull it on the DoD side since my investigation can not be seen in JPAS at this time.

Now, to my question. I have interviewed for a contract position with the Army that I’m really interested in, they require a Secret to receive an offer. I informed them of the situation and as of yesterday they could see something from the Air National Guard on my profile in JPAS but it was incomplete. Back in December there was nothing so I’m thankful the process seems to be moving I just want to be as proactive as possible.

Do I need to go to the Air National Guard to complete another eQuip? Or just wait? If so, approximately how long would it take?

If you read and understood this whole message I really thank you for your time!