Need advice please help

I work for the DOD currently. Just took a job with the VA. I have a T3 secret clearance that was adjudicated oct 2019. My new position requires a T2 MBI Public trust.

Is my current clearance good enough to be reciprocated?

If it isn’t will I have any problems getting a t2. In 2017 I was terminated from to part time jobs.


-I created a previous thread but it didn’t get much response.

The VA , in accordance with reciprocity guidance, should accept the T3 investigation under reciprocity in substitute for the T2 as long as it was favorably adjudicated without any waivers or conditions. As a caveat, some agencies may require you to submit another e-QIP for review to see if there are any issues since the last investigation closed.

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Great news thank you. I didn’t have any waivers or conditions that I know of.

If reciprocity is in fact used, will the VA adjudicate it themselves or do they say say “ your good to go because you held a higher level investigation/clearance”

Worst case - if I can obtain a t3, will I be fine being positively adjudicated for a t2? If I have to resubmit to a new investigation?

Really appreciate the response thank you

Reciprocity means you have accepted the favorable decision made by the agency that requested the investigation. Each new investigation is based on its own merits so no one can definitively answer for you, but I wouldn’t worry about it as long as you are honest and up front on all applications.

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