Secret to Public Trust M I

I have a tier 3 secret clearance through the DOD. It was successfully adjudicated oct 2019. I just got an offer for a job the requires a public trust MBi tier 2 investigation.

  1. Does/will my new agency have take my clearance?

  2. Since I have a secret clearance will I have any issues getting a public trust ? I have two terminations from part time jobs in 2017. Clearly it wasn’t a problem for my secret clearance.

Whether an agency grants you reciprocity depends on a number of criteria, and includes security checks and a thorough review of those results.

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Ok well doesn’t a t3 investigation satisfy what is needed for a t2?

Even if they didn’t not accept it would I have any problems getting a public trust mbi? I am assuming bc they use the same adjudicative standards I should be fine?

The adjudicative details are actually different for a T3 and T2. While logically it might make sense that having a T3 means you could just be granted a T2 by default, that’s just not how it works. There might be some level of reciprocity but you’ll likely still have an investigation for the T2 like normal.

However you are probably correct in your belief that if you were granted a T3, you’ll probably be fine getting a T2. I wouldn’t worry.