Technical investigative issues risen from accepting/withdrawing from multiple TOs?

Hello everyone.
This is a problem in re reciprocity.

I had a T3 w/ clearance from DHS/USCIS.
After waiting over a year for a CBP officer position (T5 + poly; no clearance), I decided to withdraw in favor of a different job within CBP (Import Specialist ~ unsure if T4 of T5).

Then I was offered CBP Tech.
Then I was offered CBP Entry Specialist.
Then another IS.
I’ve accepted and withdrew out of some (HR made me).

Now, 4 months since the first TO (and only TO going for me), I can’t get a good answer on the status.
HR says everything is pending.
Support teams tell me no decision has been made on reciprocity, plus the case is on hold.

I fear my accepting and withdrawing sabotaged the process through a system glitch.
Not having access to the screens and the right systems, I cannot speak intelligently on whether this could be true or not.

All I know is that reciprocity should take 2-3 weeks to be decided on.
A previous TO (cbp tech) resulted in a “reciprocity granted” email generated 3 weeks after I had officially withdrawn.
Now it’s 4 months and support confirms “on hold” for the only TO in process.

Help :frowning:
Does anyone know an intelligent word to use when speaking to HR or support teams?
Anything that will cause them to go “huh”?
I cannot get in touch with the decision makers (OPR @ DC) so I’m stuck dealing with liaisons.