What is happening behind the scenes during reciprocity process?

I currently have a favorably adjudicated T5 background investigation. I received a conditional offer for a federal government position that only requires public trust. I was told that I won’t need another background investigation and I would get a firm offer after reciprocity process is complete.

What is exactly is going on in the background? Is it getting readjudicated? How long does this take roughly? If I remember, adjudicated takes about 2 weeks or less after a background investigation is complete?

Let me know if I’m not providing any information to answer the question. Thanks!

I had the same question that you posted @srithikdatta and was wondering if your case ever did complete the reciprocity process?

In my situation, I have been extended a job offer by a company that does cleared work for DoD. My clearance data is held by a non-DoD agency, e.g., US Coast Guard/DHS. The company FSO contacted the Coast Guard Security Center and verified that I had clearance eligibility. The company FSO then submitted an RRU request via JPAS (a DoD database) to request reciprocity with the intent of transfering my clearance data into JPAS. I am now in a sit and wait holding pattern. Like you, I don’t have a clear understanding of what is going on behind the scenes now, nor how long it might take. I can’t begin cleared work until my data is transferred to the DoD JPAS system.

I read several posts in this forum where @amberbunny has worked a number of reciprocity requests. Maybe she can shed some light on the process & typical timeline? I know there are a number of variables and players involved, so timelines are just a guesstimate at best.

In my case, my Secret level clearance (NACLC) was renewed/readjudicated by the USCG in March 2014 (less than 5 yrs old as of this date). I departed my GS civilian job in May 2017 to seek other opportunities, so I have been away from cleared work for less than 24 months. But, that 24 month rule is looming closer and I’m wondering if this reciprocity process will complete itself before I turn into a pumpkin.

Thanks in advance to you or other forum members that might be able to shed some light on this non-DoD to DoD clearance data transfer process.

Since you didn’t provide any dates, it’s impossible to say if you have waited long enough to worry.

So, my advice would be to sit back and give it a little time . . .

I did get my reciprocity. I filled out the paperwork to start the process in mid August 2018 and I got the notification that the process was completed in early November 2018.

In case it is helpful to others:

I first got a job with NBIB contractor as a background investigator. I received an offer in March 2018 and filled out the SF86 for a Tier 5 investigation. I received a favorable adjudication in August 2018. I, then, got an offer as a import specialist with Customs and Border Protection under DHS. The position required Tier 4 investigation and I was told that my previous Tier 5 investigation would meet the requirements of the new position. I received an offer in August 2018 and I was cleared to work in November 2018.

I also held a Secret-level security clearance as an officer in the Army National Guard since 2014.

For those that don’t know: Tier 5 investigation are conducted for Top Secret-level positions. Tier 4 investigations are for High Risk Public Trust positions. Tier 3 investigations are for Secret-level positions. Tier 2 investigations are for Moderate Risk Public Trust positions. Tier 5 and Tier 4 investigations are very similar but Tier 5 is a bit more extensive. Tier 3 and Tier 2 investigations are very similar but Tier 3 is a bit more extensive.

Best of luck to anyone in the position.


So Tier 5 is what an Investigator working on OMP contract would need, is that right @srithikdatta? Thanks M

Correct, you need a favorably adjudicated Tier 5 investigation to work on the OPM/NBIB contract.

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