Reciprocity of Pending Clearance

Currently, my Tier 5 Investigation was conducted and submitted for adjudication. It is currently still pending, been approximately 8 months now, and it’s for CBP.

I am in the process for the U.S. Marshal, which requires a Tier 5 clearance.

  • Do you guys think the USMS will see the CBP’s Tier 5 is still pending and will use that investigation for adjudication?
    Or, because that investigation is still pending, they (USMS) will need to open another investigation for adjudication?
    My concerns is I have to wait for more months for USMS to investigate and adjudicate.

Does the USMS know CBP has completed the T5 and your case is in adjudication? That would be the first step.

I have not been ask (yet) by USMS regarding my T5 or where it currently is with CBP.

Please advise

USMS uses NBIB. CBP has not in the past. USMS won’t know about the CBP background investigation unless someone, most likely you, tell them.

I know this is a crystal ball question.
Do you think my process with USMS will halted if I advise them of this?
Seeing that they would probably have to wait for CBP to adjudicate my clearance first before they will use it?
or is it better if USMS just open up an investigation on me and adjudicate themselves.
As mentioned I’m still waiting approximately 8 months from CBP to adjudicate.

The crystal ball says USMS with talk to the CBP to decide when the USMS will be able to look at the investigation report. USMS will be happier if CBP paid for the field investigation and USMS gets the report sooner. CBP will most likely want to adjudicate before releasing the report to USMS. If CBP will share the report, USMS will stop the NBIB investigation.

or so says the crystal ball…

Thanks for this info

I have a question please. I have two job offers related to medical field and both require security clearance. I received E-QIP for the first one Monday 04/29/18 that was completed and submitted with forms. Three days after I received the second one which was sent right away since all the info was already there. One of my HR employer said that clearance might take about 22 days. Any insight based on your experiences please ? Will that take average 22 days even if it s a partial ?