Rescinded COE from Dulles Discovery

I received the letter my COE from Dulles Discovery was rescinded. It made a point to mention I was not denied a clearance, what factors usually lead to a rescinded offer after psych, physical and polygraph?

When did you receive your COE? Do you know how far along in the process you were?

Sometimes a government agency will rescind an offer or otherwise terminate processing based on “suitability” which is not a clearance denial and does not have the same rights of appeal. Did the letter use the word ‘suitability?’

COE was received in August… I recently concluded the psych, physical, and polygraph steps.

No mention of suitability… Suggested I apply a year from now.

The non-clearance denial was a suitability denial. You probably admitted to something in the poly they feel happened too recent and could be mitigated by time. How many times did you take the poly?

Back to back days… If that is the case I’m assuming the clearance process stops immediately?

Yes it does. They might not have got good results from your poly and only opted to give you 2 chances.