Chances of Denial After Passing Poly/Psych/Medical

Process Timeline
-Application: October 2015
-Interview/COE (Conditional Offer of Employment): March 2016
-Poly/Psych/Medical: January 2017
-Frequent updates since then that I’m still processing

Just a heads-up, @justananalyst @ikmuhb, suitability denials can be given at any point in the security process. Yes, you are more likely to receive one after COE but before the BI, but the Agency likes to hand them out in place of a clearance denial when negative/disqualifying information surfaces from the poly/psych/med or BI. Even if your security packet is “with adjudication,” that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s being adjudicated — it’s likely sitting in the adjudication queue.

So my rep tells me this after I ask her what are my chances of being denied. Also, the Agency just sent me a letter acknowledging that I’ve been processing for a few years and asked me to sign a form indicating if I’m still interested in processing or not and send it back within ten business days. Thoughts?

“At this point in the process, it is just a matter of time when we hear from Security that you’ve cleared. When I use the term “cleared” I am referring to you gaining a clearance and that clearance makes you eligible to start work.
When there are problems, they usually are identified after the medical and polygraph appointments. Your record indicates you have been medically cleared, and your security background investigation is complete. That last piece is Security’s final check.
Keep living your life while you’re processing.”

Who knows for how much longer the process will continue, but obviously, if you still want the job, then sign the form and send it back saying you’re still interested. I can only imagine that you’re on the tail-end of things.

I suppose it’s good news that your program officer told you that problems are usually identified after the medical and polygraph appointments. It’s always a good sign that they initiate the BI after the poly/med/psych appointments because that means there weren’t any glaring problems with those appointments or with your SF86. Even then, you’re not out of the woods yet. The BI could have surfaced some issues that would cause a suitability or clearance denial; however, only once your packet is being actively adjudicated will you know for sure. The adjudicator is supposed to only have 90 days to adjudicate once they start adjudicating. So, your packet is either sitting in an adjudication queue or it is now with the adjudicator, but there’s no way for you to know which.

I’m in a similar situation, though I haven’t been in the process as long as you. I think it’s the same place. I moved a little faster from initial application to interview/COE (3 months) and from submission of sf-86 to poly/psych/medical (7 months), but otherwise very similar.

Just curious, when did your BI start? Are there any complicating factors in your background?

Yes, I did sign it and sent it back. I think the only issues that could surface would be my time studying in Russia, which was a summer in 2016, the few tinder dates I met out there and slept with, and some people I met in the Russian government during a public diplomacy program with other Americans. However, we discussed these things during my poly. I even explained how I conducted my own counterintel to protect myself, and also to spot suspicious behavior such as being targeted. I did 2 polies back to back, pysch, and medical a long time ago and I’m still in the process, so maybe they were fine w/ my honesty. It’s kinda hard to be honest about sleeping w/ somebody from Russia in the current political climate. A lot of people would honestly lie about that. Just look at the current administration lying about meetings that took place…