Received "Continue Processing" Letter from Agency

Received a letter asking if I want to continue processing for a security clearance w/ the Agency. I was asked to indicate yes or no, sign the letter, and send it back within ten business days. What does this mean?

Process Timeline:
-Application: October 2015
-Interview/COE (Conditional Offer of Employment): March 2016
-Poly/Psych/Medical: January 2017
-Frequent updates since then that I’m still processing

Also, a few months ago, after asking my PO what are my chances for being denied after finishing poly/psych/medical, they said the following:

“At this point in the process, it is just a matter of time when we hear from Security that you’ve cleared. When I use the term “cleared” I am referring to you gaining a clearance and that clearance makes you eligible to start work.
When there are problems, they usually are identified after the medical and polygraph appointments. Your record indicates you have been medically cleared, and your security background investigation is complete. That last piece is Security’s final check.
Keep living your life while you’re processing.”

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Did you get Any information recently about switching processing companies and that you’ll be receiving more information regarding this ?

No because I believe this Agency does everything themselves.

The terminology and phrases that you’re using makes me believe it’s the same company, except mine wasn’t for an analyst position, but we have relatively the same timeline so that’s why I was wondering. Or I could be way off and they all use the same terms and phrases which I guess would make sense.

The company is making sure you still want the job, and want to continue processing. I received the same type of inquiry because my clearance was taking awhile. They are making sure you didn’t find other employment and are still interested, otherwise they would quit supporting your clearance. This is perfectly normal. Your second paragraph is also completely normal.

Nothing alarming here.

Does your Company have an AOC? Also, were you one of the ones that took an EKG during the medical? I always knew that was an easy way to spot who the analysts and who the “non-analysts” were.

Are you still waiting, and did you get a letter like this? Care to share your processing timeline?

Did they eventually give you the clearance? What is the fail rate after getting a letter like this?

Yes I eventually got the clearance months later. There isn’t a fail rate associated with this, it is nothing to be concerned about. They are just making sure you are still an interested applicant in my opinion. They aren’t trying to drop you, they are just making sure they aren’t wasting money sponsoring your clearance if you aren’t interested any longer.

Timeline is pretty much the same. Applied a couple months later is all

Ok. Keep in mind, my timeline won’t be the same because I spent a summer in Russia on a federal government language scholarship. My processing had to be put on hold when I was there. Probably if you applied later though, we could be very close to being even.

I applied Jan16 and a couple months ago my POC sent me a mailer with financial things that I had to fill out for the adjucator. Had some debt I had to get proof of payments and what not on. I’ve been processing in what I’m assuming adjucation since Feb 2017.

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Just curious, were your debts delinquent at all, is that why they sent the mailer?

Wow, you’ve been in the process a while. Makes me feel less bad. I’ve seen my recruiters and some others a few emails asking what’s taking so long, but nothing. I heard people who are inside and not apart of HR, but might have made initial contact with the applicant, were told not to communicate with the applicants anymore. Maybe a process to weed out nepotism. I haven’t spoken with my inside contacts since as early as 2016.

Yea I’m just letting it run it’s course. It takes as long as it takes, if they need more info I send it back ASAP but other than that not much you me or anyone can do. I’m used to the hurry up and wait procedures and I’m for certain it will all be worth it. I think part of the long wait times is they don’t what flip floppers. They are looking for dedication and passion, and nothing says that like patience.

I’ve been in adjudication for 14 months. Apparently it’s not “average” but completely normal. The times they list online and tell their HR people are total BS (9-12 months from returned SF-86…more like 24+ months).

Not surprised though. Each of us has circumstances which might have put us into the “troublesome” pile, where things take a little bit longer. I fully expect to be in adjudication for at least another 9 months.

In my opinion, it is good news they are asking you to explain the debt. They could go the denial route and not ask for an explanation, and just say you are a security risk. So these correspondences are good news because they are still giving you a chance. Good luck to you, I hope it gets resolved soon. Clearance granted in your future!

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I’m expecting to have serious doubts once it makes it to the 3 year mark since I got my COE, in March of 2016. As for now, I’ll continue to wait. My process is pushing a total of 1000 days since I got the COE though. Are your guys’ processes longer?

900 and something odd days for me. I’ve seen others from what I expect is the same place as me averaging the same days, so I knew I wasn’t alone. I was contacted like 2 days after I applied, I thought man this outta go quick haha that was almost three years ago

Thanks, you’re right. Although, I really didn’t have to submit explanations for much.

You haven’t indicated when you entered adjudication. Your PO should be able to tell you. In any case, sounds like the summer in Russia really slowed things down. Up until that point, your timeline is long but not unusual (6 months between application and COE; 9 months between COE and poly).

My timeline is as follows:

  • June 2016 application
  • September 2016 CJO and returned SF-86
  • January 2017 SF-86 corrections; initial security review
  • April Poly/psych/medical
  • June investigation begins
  • August interview with BI and entered into adjudication a few weeks later
  • late October notified of assignment to an office

Get calls every few months, but otherwise crickets since then. They asked about drugs, but I gave them what I think was a satisfactory answer (used experimentally and socially in college; never purchased or sold; I’m out of that environment and have moved on with my life).

The biggest thing gnawing at me is not so much the time - which is annoying - but whether or not I’ve been placed along with other “undesirables” in some ever-growing pile that they’ll only get around to in like 2-3 more years. The process is maddening, and honesty only seems to do you a disfavor.