Received "Continue Processing" Letter from Agency


I had my SI interview 7 months after submitting sf86, and that was on the short side of 2 months ago, all the other stuff I had was July for TS/SCI.

I feel like I am moving quickly, but i know that’s anecdotal.


Sorry for randomly butting in, but how far ahead were you notified for scheduling the polygraph/psych/medical? Was it a month ahead of time?


I sure hope you’re right.


9-12 months lol. I remember they told me that. It’s been more than double.


Yeah, I had a lot of foreign national forms. Those things are two pages, too. Double-sided, they were able to barely fit into a very large envelope. I know lots of foreign nationals, including some folks in the Russian government who are young like me. Not close and continuing, but fb friends. I put every single person I knew for sure that was a foreign national, from social media to my phone contacts, on those forums and completed them as thoroughly as possible. I think it’s not a bad thing to know foreign nationals, so long as you disclose them. I had a recruiter once tell me that those contacts can be leveraged if it’s discovered that they can supply information. FNC’s get more tricky when you were born in another country/the foreign nationals are in your family, or both. Gov starts to question your allegiance. Foreign influence/foreign preference, ie adjudicative standards.


What is an SI interview?


About 3 weeks actually from the call to the date, and I took the 1st slot available.


I asked if I was in adjudication and whether or not it had started and I got this response in late August.

“The last step in this process is with Security. Some have bravely used the term ‘adjudication’ but that term has not been approved for use. If you’d like to use adjudication as the last step with Security, we’ll say you’re in adjudication or actively processing.”

So I don’t know when adjudication started, and I never met w/ a background investigator in person or spoke to one on the phone. Does that mean they trust me and my contacts enough and didn’t find anything “bad” Not like there’s anything they would find that I didn’t tell them?

How do you get assigned to an office before getting a clearance?


DIA or other DOD affiliates do that


They scheduled it about 3 months later. This was about a week or so after I submitted corrections to SF-86 via e-mail (mostly addresses I left out stupidly, thinking it was redundant to have to list addresses multiple times (e.g. moving back and forth between college and home while off).


As part of the bureaucratic wrangling, different offices compete over candidates who could fit into multiple areas. I have a few areas of expertise (feels weird to say that; wouldn’t really consider myself an expert by any means but so it goes), so I assume that process took them 12 months or so to figure out where I would be assigned. It seems to be separate entirely from the security process, though I guess it did give me some confidence considering this was after an initial contact from Security clarifying some BI stuff.


My position title is generalist, so I could fit into different areas rather than specialists.


So I am guessing a wait of approx. 10 months since offer and still no poly… is not really normal?


I wouldn’t count on that. It seems like the government is actively taking steps to speed things up. Glass half full mentality will definitely keep you positive.


I accept a CoE and sent my SF-86 in April of 2015. Still alive and kicking!


I got the same letter a few weeks ago. I have a similar timeline, turning in my COE/SF-86 in August 2016. The only update i get is I’m actively processing. Does anyone know of any posts or someone actually receiving an EOD and their timeline?


No EOD for me yet, or continue processing letter. I wonder if there’s a certain period of time in which they evaluate and send that letter that you’re still going to process. I did get a letter that altered the salary amount (higher, heh)

Submitted SF86 around Feb 2017 though. A little disheartening to hear you guys are ahead of me with no feedback. Fortunately I’ve taken great new employment (although still very interested) so it makes the holding pattern easier.