Psych and Poly Write-up

What happens in the period after the psych and poly have been completed? Are both the examiners given 2-3 weeks (or some predetermined set of time) to write-up a report with findings?

Can it be done sooner? Is this typically the long pole in the tent? Also, if the hiring office reaches out to security for status, does that help to move things along?


Doubtful. Very doubtful.


No, but you may get notified sooner. Keep in mind also that your poly/psych and clearance are two separate processes within the same office that are happening concurrently. You can receive a favorable clearance from BI/SF86 but fail suitability. The latter would not be considered a clearance denial but will still prevent you from being employed.

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Understood the bifurcation. The Poly examiner seems to have conflated the two as he went over the sf86 during the poly. No BI contact, presumably b/c Ive been entered into the automatic redetermination/review. I’ve got two other offers on the way and wish the agency was a bit more transparent on timeline. It amazes me how much talent they may lose.