Resigned or fired?

I informed my private sector supervisor today that I had accepted a pre-employment job offer with a defense contractor. The new job is tentatively scheduled to start in the fall. Needless to say, my supervisor was NOT happy – so much so that I expected to be fired on the spot. Nature of the beast when it comes to making the transition from the civilian world to the defense world, I guess. Thankfully, though, she didn’t fire me on the spot and instead said that she wanted my letter of resignation no later than the end of July (which I intend on doing). She then said that if I didn’t resign by then that the company “may consider next steps.”

How should I report this episode on the SF-86? I fully intend to resign with plenty of notice and in a professional manner, however, can this situation be considered a “Quit after being told you would be fired” situation? In different words, should I answer 13.A.5 as a ‘yes,’ or should I answer ‘no’ but provide a summary of the situation in the comments?

In my opinion, in order to cover you in case the employer tries to cause you trouble further on down the road, I would answer yes and fully explain with the detailed circumstances of why you left that employment. It will not be considered an issue as you have explained it above, and because you disclosed it your honesty will not be questioned.