Tier 2 Public Trust

I was offered a position and while working on the SF 85P, I am unsure how to complete the section about previous employment:

● Fired ● Quit after being told you would be fired ● Left by mutual agreement following charges or allegations of misconduct ● Left by mutual agreement
following notice of unsatisfactory performance.

A few months ago, I was provided a letter stating I had violated the personal conduct policy and was schedule for pre-dismissal meeting. Technically, the meeting was meant for me to explain my actions or dispute them, however, the letter didn’t indicate any specifics for me to argue on. Because of my role and understanding the politics behind this (local government), I chose to resign. Technically, I wasn’t told I was going to be fired and there was no mutual agreement. I submitted a two weeks resigned that was accepted, but accepted the day of resignation. They chose to not let me work out my two weeks.

What is the best course of action to complete this section? I don’t want to omit anything, but I also don’t want to open up a can of worms if it isn’t necessary.

If it was a “pre-dismissal meeting” you were basically told you were going to be fired. I would also consider it a written warning. This is one can of worms that does need to be opened. But just be prepared to discuss what happened and it shouldn’t be a big deal.

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