Suspension after resigning

I submitted my resignation to my contracting company two days ago. The reason for my resignation was hostile work environment created by my supervisor. I’m not the only one who complaint about this supervisor, however, today the program manager came to my desk, took my badges and told me that they have escort me out of the building (no security issue or FSO involvement) They asked me to resign today. Im in process to switch to another job and they already own my clearance in JPAS. My question is, can my current company cause me trouble with my clearance since I already resigned? I have TS/SCI with poly.

If you resigned two days prior…may I ask why you were still at the desk? It seems you were terminated from the company without them acting on the resignation. We all have to deal with difficult bosses and work environments at times. I don’t want to underplay your potential situation as I too have been in a very hostile work environment. But it seems you may have been out maneuvered. The hostile person likely didn’t act on the resignation and requested you be terminated at the company level, vice the client. This does happen. As such your SF86 moving forward will need reflect what happened. Since you have a poly you understand how that works. They can be grueling and you need be upfront and frank to any shortcomings on your end so you may resolve any possible questions. Getting fired…or as you phrased it…“asked to resign” doesn’t mean you will have clearance issues. You will need be debriefed from current duties though. I would make sure to ask in writing the characterization of your departure. Most times a company simply wants to part ways and will not slander you. It is too risky for them to lose in court if they do. But getting it in writing as to how they are characterizing it can go a long way on your next Poly.

Thank you for your reply.
I send my resignation email and told them that my final day is 31 August so they have enough time to find a replacement for me. I was told today by the project manager that I resigned willingly and I was not fired. They wanted me to go home and get paid while HR is doing the workplace harassment investigation. There was 3 of us who send such an email. They gave me the option of going home get paid and wait or follow through with my resignation. Since I already have 2 jobs waiting for me, I decided to quit on the spot and start my new job in the next 2 weeks. I do have a copy of all the emails I send them.

Please advise

Well. And that is a deep subject…I wouldn’t have quit. If they were sincere and you would get paid…I would have gone home. But since you quit…companies have a tendency to write you off fast. You aren’t an employee so they have no obligation to you. But if you currently were in a cleared TS with Poly slot you require a debriefing. I would get in writing an acknowledgement of the hostile work environment claim, and that you voluntarily submitted a resignation. It isn’t uncommon for them to ask you to leave early than the planned resignation date. If anyone should have been sent home though it would be the alleged perpetrator of said hostile environment. The manner in which this was handled indicates they felt you may have been the problem. I don’t have insight to the other two you mentioned. But if they back up your statement I imagine it will still be investigated. On my contract the client has a zero tolerance for abuse and harassment. So it is quite easy to build a case against someone. I have accomplished numerous investigations for my company to this end.