I resigned from the job on the spot, would it effect on security clearance.?

So some years ago, I was working on the job and coworker told me to help and I could not help so I said sorry I could not help and coworker got angry and complained to lead immediately that “I did not help” so lead came out immediately from office and said to me “you can not come for the work for a week”. Lead did not even verify the single detail of story by no means and told me not to come for a week. I told lead that you can find out what happened and then you can take decision. But lead did not do that, so I felt humiliating, so I immediately wrote resign letter with explanation “why am I resigning” and told that this will be my last day. I still have all proof of letters. fyi, this was private company.

How would this incident effect in getting the clearance?
Thank you.

As long as their is no pattern or history of same it will not affect your ability to obtain a clearance. Just ensure you disclose it if it is within scope of the questions asked on the questionnaire.